Trash Talk in the Edit Field: The Vandalism Wars

For real sports fan trolling, center court is Wikipedia.  Sporting events in the 21st century are played both on and off the field. As highly paid athletes compete for fame and glory on televised fields and courts the world-over, an alternate set of teams compete in the shadows.   Fighting it out across cyberspace, on social […]

So, what happens when they Google you?

What searchers think about a CEO’s search results   As an Intelligent Digital Reputation Management company, we are constantly doing research to understand how Google presents brands and executives in search. We also research how searchers utilize search engines to make decisions.  In August, we asked 672 US adults about their likelihood of doing business […]

Searching for Boris

If someone has negative results appearing in search, does it make sense for them to try to “deceive” Google by using terms associated with the negative result in positive ways? A meditation on models and buses.  Amid the political drama of Brexit, a hung parliament, and upcoming elections, the virtual Boris Johnson also caused a […]

The Wikipedia Index: Edits to the Fortune 500

Wikipedia editors worldwide make 1 million edits every week. How many of these are edits to pages of major companies? Does it vary by industry? We found out for you:     There’s no doubt about it: Monitoring changes to corporate or executive Wikipedia pages is an essential component of reputation management.

What if your content has a rank destroying evil twin?

Own more of your reputation by tackling duplicate content. Let’s play a little game. Pretend you’re a customer who is thinking about buying a specific product. You aren’t super familiar with the company that makes it and you want to get better acquainted before pulling the trigger. What are you going to do? If you […]

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