What we do

Five Blocks works with clients and their communications teams to plan their ideal presence on Google and other search engines, the gateway to your brand and your good name. A strong, strategic digital reputation puts your best foot forward, and is the best defense against unknown reputation challenges down the road. 

Our programs

Typically, clients come in crisis, but even after the urgent issue is solved, they realize that a strong online presence will prevent further issues in the future — and continue working with us on an ongoing basis.

Clients often choose Five Blocks when they want to position or control the way their brand or top executives appear online. Sometimes, they would like to highlight a particular issue in their search narrative. Other times, they are concerned that unfavorable sites or pages are appearing in an out-sized way in search, or that Wikipedia editors do not have the full picture of who they are. And sometimes, it’s simply that people can’t find them in Google at all, or confuse them with another entity

We have a custom program for every type of issue, and every type of client.

We serve Fortune 500 corporations and fast-growing brands, multinational organizations, and high-profile individuals and execs who want to build, promote, and defend their reputations. We have particular expertise in Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Education, and Real Estate.

How we do it

We create and implement a holistic, customized, and confidential plan to optimize and prioritize desired content. This content includes your own website and social media, earned media, images, video, Wikipedia, etc., so that these elements populate top results, helping you build the narrative

Analysis & Strategy 

We use technology and big data analysis, working with clients to plan a deliberate search presence that tells your story.

    • Peer and Competitor Appraisal and Forensics  – Understanding sources of content and how to impact them; ensuring our clients are taking advantage of available opportunities, especially ones that competitors are leveraging; and identifying specific threats
    • Keyword  / Term Targeting and enhancement, using multiple analytics tools
    • IMPACT™ is our proprietary tracking and analytics platform. It tracks individuals, brands, and issues over time, as compared to peers, and across geographies and languages — providing real-time monitoring and actionable insights that are critical to understanding and influencing digital reputation for our clients.

Ownership & Optimization 

The more results that are owned and controlled, the further searchers will need to go before they find less favorable results. 

    • On-page and off-page SEO of owned websites and other assets you can control – such as owned social pages and platforms (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
    • Content strategy  – particularly on clients’ corporate sites – to leverage opportunities, such as providing answers to popular questions
    • Wikidata (“teaching” google to map identities)
    • Location & Language – ensuring that stakeholders searching in various languages and locations see the desired information about a brand
    • Optimization of Google features: Knowledge Panel  / Images  /Video / People Also Ask Box and more 
    • Elevating target third-party content, news, and news box, along with Review sites 
    • Optimization of existing content, and of Social media and Business profile sites
    • Wikipedia Strategy – working with the editor community to ensure proper representation on Wikipedia


Proactive Reputation Building 

  • Ongoing monitoring and tracking of digital presence, and calibration in real time
  • Identification and analysis of new opportunities (and potential challenges) as they arise