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Five Blocks is a tech-driven digital reputation management company. We provide expert, confidential consulting, using proprietary technology and data analysis to build and protect your valuable digital reputation. Our solutions are customized, holistic, and long-lasting.

The Five Blocks Formula

Intelligent Digital Reputation Management

  • Strategic Solutions

    We get to know you and design a plan so that others know the real you, too.

  • Technology

    Proprietary tracking & analysis, over time, compared to peers, & across geographies / languages

  • Intelligence

    The biggest big data in the reputation space

  • Partner Relationships

    We work with clients’ Communications and PR teams to curate the best owned, earned, paid, social and community-sourced content.

  • Personal Service

    Each client works with an account lead who becomes the interdisciplinary expert on their account.

Services & Technology

  • Reputation Tracking: IMPACT™

    Ongoing automatic tracking and analysis of digital reputation for brands and individuals

  • Executive / Corporate Reputation Appraisal

    Analysis of current digital reputation and providing an assessment of specific threats and opportunities

  • Digital Forensics

    Understanding the sources of content on community pages or rating sites and how to impact them

  • Optimization of Images, Knowledge Panels and Content

    Making sure the right images, information, and content appear prominently in search

  • Reputation Ownership

    Optimizing your own sites and other digital assets to increase prominence in search of digital assets you can control

  • Wikipedia Strategy

    WikiAlerts ™ - Real-time notifications of edits

    Wikipedia Page Consulting

Our Data-Driven Approach

Our proprietary technology tracks millions of data points daily, enabling us to build strategy based on big data. Our analysis covers 500 different locations, across 69 countries, in 23 languages — allowing us to serve partners and clients with multinational stakeholders.


Our partners are top PR and law firms, wealth managers, and corporate communications teams. Together, we analyze online vulnerabilities and opportunities for clients, working to ensure overall strategies are well-integrated -- and take the digital reputation angle into account. Partners benefit from our dedicated team, premium pricing, and licensing of our proprietary technology.

By the way: You will not find our client list anywhere on this site or otherwise, as this information is treated with the utmost discretion.

Our expertise: Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Education, and Real Estate.

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