Editing the Wikipedia Article about You or Your Company

pencilWe are often asked ‘can I edit my own brand’s Wikipedia page? – Is it okay to edit the Wikipedia article yourself?

Wikipedia says:

“You are discouraged from writing articles about yourself or organizations (including their campaigns, clients, products and services) in which you hold a vested interest.”

In short, editing the Wikipedia page about your own company is usually discouraged, as Wikipedia wants to ensure its content is unbiased.

Also – Wikipedia editing guidelines are far more complex than you might assume. The sources, writing style, editor interaction, etc. is nearly impossible to navigate if you don’t have extensive experience on the platform.

Always keep in mind:

  • Wikipedia editors frown upon and even penalize pages that appear to have been edited by the company without being transparent.
  • Your IP Address will be recorded and can be seen by others. So never try to be anonymous while using a company-owned IP address.
  • The Wikipedia editor community often track changes. Your edits can potentially trigger alerts for engaged editors. And they may act swiftly against your edits.

Before making a decision we recommend consulting with a Wikipedia expert to weigh options.

Five Blocks offers Free Consultation and help in determining your options regarding Creation or Editing of Wikipedia pages.

We have helped many companies and individuals navigate Wikipedia and would be happy to discuss your options.

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Do you need help editing your company or personal Wikipedia page?

A few words about how we work with Wikipedia editors:

  1. Help in determining notability – if you or your company are not yet seen as notable entities – perhaps there are steps you can take to get there?
  2. Create and submit factual content that may have been missed or under-emphasized by Wikipedia editors. We also suggest corrections for mistakes and vandalism.
  3. Consult with Wikipedia editors to ensure that proposed edits meet the terms of service and appropriately represent client interests.
  4. Work with Wikipedia and carefully consider timing. Introducing a Wikipedia page in advance of a crisis may be a good idea, while doing so in the middle of crisis could backfire.

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Still have questions? See our FAQ

How do you edit an error on My Company’s Wikipedia page?   

While anyone can edit Wikipedia, editors are suspicious of articles that appear to contain conflict of interest (self-serving) edits. Here’s how we recommend getting essential changes made.

How do you create a Wikipedia page?   

Wikipedia has strict standards for notability (who deserves a page), citations (proving facts with sources), and conflict of interest (impartial information), and many pages get challenged. It is therefore wise to consult with professionals.

Can you edit your own Wikipedia page?   

The goal of the Wikipedia project is to be a comprehensive source for objective information, and editors are highly suspicious of articles that appear self-serving. Here’s how we recommend you go about getting edits made.

Who can edit a Wikipedia page?   

Any edits to Wikipedia articles which add false, insulting, or inflammatory information or language in a deliberate manner are vandalism. If your page has been vandalized, read here about what you can do.

Can I see who edited a Wikipedia page?   

To find editor names, go to the ‘View History’ tab at the top right of the Wikipedia page. The name of the editor appears next to each change, right after the date. Click on that name, and you will find out anything the editor has chosen to share with the public.