At its core, Five Blocks is a data and technology company. While most reputation management companies use generic tactics focused on removing an unwanted article or site, we have spent more than ten years tracking and analyzing hundreds of millions of data points and developing unique tools to inform strategies and recommendations for clients. Our focus on data analysis allows us to provide solutions to clients using evidence-based analysis and methods.

Our proprietary tracking and analytics platform helps individuals and corporations understand not just how their brand is experienced online, but why. For example, it can help identify the specific underlying reasons that a particular article seems unmovable. With this knowledge, we can help devise a strategy that will either weaken the negative content or improve alternate, positive content or platforms to replace it.

Our data provides an unparalleled view of a company’s brand and that of their peers and competitors. Five Blocks possesses the largest database of historic reputation data for tens of thousands of major corporations and prominent executives worldwide. This giant cache of search data and analysis informs our strategies, helps us identify opportunities, and allows us to detect changes that will be important for our clients. Five Blocks’ technologists are continually innovating and working on the next generation of tools to help our clients take control of their digital reputation.

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