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Five Blocks is a digital consulting and technology firm focused on reputation management. We offer proprietary technology solutions and personalized, confidential advisory services to corporations and high-profile individuals who want to build, promote, and defend their reputations. We are experts at digital search with over a decade of experience adapting to its ever-evolving parameters, rules, and best practices. Our team of analysts, technology developers, researchers and advisors come to us from the fields of technology, academia, communications, and business around the world.

With our headquarters in New York City and a development team in Israel, Five Blocks works with clients around the globe.

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Five Blocks is a technology company at our core. Many reputation management companies use generic tactics which generate generic results. We are constantly developing unique evidence-based analysis and methods to service our clients.

With over a decade of experience working with and studying how search results are generated, we are uniquely able to help individuals and corporations understand how their brand is experienced online and how they can influence that experience as desired.

Five Blocks has pioneered proprietary tools that can provide an unparalleled view of your brand and your competitors’ online reputations. We have also created and maintain the largest cache of search data that we leverage to inform our strategies, identify opportunities, and measure effectiveness. Five Blocks technologists are continually innovating and working on the next generation of tools to help our clients take control of their digital reputation.


Five Blocks developed IMPACT™, a proprietary tracking and analytics platform that provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights about your digital reputation. IMPACT enables our team and clients to track thousands of keywords in multiple locations.


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