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Five Blocks is a digital consulting and technology firm focused on reputation management. We offer proprietary technology solutions and personalized, confidential advisory services to corporations and high-profile individuals who want to build, promote, and defend their reputations. We are experts at digital search with over a decade of experience adapting to its ever-evolving parameters, rules, and best practices. Our team of analysts, technology developers, researchers and advisors come to us from the fields of technology, academia, communications, and business around the world.



The firm began operations in 2003 and was first focused on search marketing and optimization for ecommerce and lead generation. As expertise in these fields became more widespread, Five Blocks turned its attention to helping brands manage their online presence – with a specific focus on utilizing technology to model digital reputation opportunities. By collecting search data daily for tens of thousands of keywords in many locations and languages, we were able to gain an understanding of how typical online reputations change. We apply these data insights to the practical challenges we face with clients. The company has never taken any outside investment and our revenues have grown continuously since the start.

With over 30 team members, a headquarters in New York City and a development team in Jerusalem, Five Blocks works with clients around the globe.

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