What is digital reputation management?

Digital reputation management is the practice of shaping public perception about a brand or individual by taking control of the information featured about them online. In practical terms, digital reputation management ensures that the image presented online for brands and executives reflects the brand’s own narrative, shining a light on favorable content that might otherwise be buried. It also ensures that irrelevant, outdated, unfair, or unfavorable content does not appear as prominently in online searches.


What do you mean by “Intelligent” digital reputation management?

At Five Blocks, we use technology and big data analysis. We work with clients to plan a deliberate search presence that tells a more complete story. Then we execute the plan using proprietary technology and skills that provide holistic, customized solutions, not quick fixes. For example, our proprietary IMPACT™ tracking and analytics platform  provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights that help us shape our client strategies.


How long does it take to build or rebuild my reputation?

Because we tailor programs to meet the specific needs of each client, the time it takes to see results can vary. That being said, holistic and lasting digital reputation solutions take time. Results are also subject to search algorithm processing and ongoing conversations about your brand online. Typical programs run anywhere from 5-12 months depending on the complexity of the challenge, but crisis clients can start seeing initial results within 3 weeks. 


Why are search engines crucial for managing online reputation?

Search engines are the gateway to your online reputation. Stakeholders quickly form a perception about you by reviewing search results that appear when you or your brand are searched online. Our approach of working with search algorithms, as they shift and develop over time, ensures holistic, long-term results for our clients.


What’s the difference between Online / Digital Reputation Management and SEO?

The distinction between Online Reputation Management and SEO is often blurred because they both utilize search engine optimization principles, but for different purposes. SEO focuses on one website ranking more prominently for many non-branded keywords to increase traffic to a single website. Online Reputation Management focuses on impacting how stakeholders perceive a brand across an entire search results page by impacting the most important branded keywords .


What services do you offer?

Our services include Digital Reputation Audits for Companies and Executives; Digital Crisis Management for Brands and Individuals; Brand Positioning and Issues Management; Wikipedia Strategy; Ongoing Reputation Monitoring; and Reputation Risk Mitigation. (For more on the strategy and methodology we use, see our Services page.) 

We work tirelessly for the benefit of our clients and pride ourselves on providing attentiveness, discretion, and intelligent solutions for the pressing issues that really impact your business or personal dealings. 


Can you remove unfavorable search results?

Whether favorable or not, web pages, articles, and blogs can’t be removed from the web by anyone other than the site owner. Legal action or request for removal can be considered, though might ultimately draw more attention to the problem.

Rather than focusing on the negative, we work with clients to build a deliberate online reputation, which includes a variety of different content types and media (owned, earned, paid, and community). At the same time, we continually measure how our reputation building efforts are impacting the client’s stated goals.


Can I do this myself?

Years ago, it might have been reasonable to self-manage the process of improving your reputation online. Today, one would need to carefully navigate a growing multitude of voices online. This challenge is compounded with the proliferation of activist blogs, alternative facts and fake news.

While it’s fairly easy to publish a plethora of optimized content online, a lasting improvement to digital reputation can only be achieved through analysis and properly strategizing the what, where, when, and how of telling your ideal brand story. Since 2003, this is part of the ongoing research we’ve conducted to understand the most effective ways to influence and improve digital reputation.


What is the pricing for a digital reputation management program?

Due to the personalized nature of our work, Five Blocks provides quotes following an initial phone consultation with one of representatives. Once we understand your situation, we’ll be able to provide more information with regards to pricing. Contact us and we’ll be happy to set up a time to discuss your specific needs.