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Online reputation management is the practice of shaping perception about a brand or individual by helping take control of the information appearing about them in search results. We work to help position you and your brand in the most optimal way possible by proactively building your reputation online and helping present the right information prominently online.
Clients typically hire us because they have recognized an opportunity or risk associated with their online presence. They are unhappy with what they see or feel that something is missing in their online reputation. Rather than focusing on the negative, we work with clients to build the ideal online reputation including a variety of different content types and media. At the same time, we continually measure how our reputation building efforts are impacting the client’s stated goals. Rather than focus on issues, we spend our efforts on opportunities – new owned content, optimizing existing assets, comparing peers. Our efforts ensure that irrelevant, outdated, and unfavorable content does not appear prominently in online searches.
In addition to our service offerings, Five Blocks has developed IMPACT™, a proprietary tracking and analytics platform that provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights. Originally designed as a set of internal tools for our account management and research team, IMPACT enables the team to track thousands of keywords in multiple locations automatically, giving our clients powerful updates as their programs progress. Additionally, Five Blocks has been working to develop a suite of other tools around reporting for both Search Engines and Wikipedia.
Crisis clients typically begin to see changes within 2 to 3 weeks. Typical programs run anywhere from 5-12 months depending on the complexity of the challenge. The goal is, at the end of a program, you will see a dramatic change to your search results which is a long term and sustainable set of results that give you more control over what your stakeholders will see about you online.
Crisis mode is a challenging state for any brand or executive to be in. The way we help in the middle of a crisis is by evaluating the fallout in real time and how the story is playing out online – in search trends, search volume around key phrases, Google News, and the search results page for branded keywords. We help by providing data-backed recommendations on how to articulate statements and strategize dissemination so your message is optimized and positioned to appear when stakeholders search online for information about your brand or executive.
If you have a website and active social media, you’re off to a great start! Stakeholders will often search your brand and look beyond your own properties, interested in how your brand is perceived by others – the media, blogs, etc. Our approach encourages the optimization of all your brand’s paid, owned, and earned media to enhance the way your company and executives are perceived online.
The distinction between Online Reputation Management and SEO is often blurred because they both utilize search engine optimization principles, but for different purposes. The main differences between SEO and ORM is that SEO focuses on one website ranking more prominently for many non-branded keywords to increase traffic to a single website. Online Reputation Management focuses on impacting the most important branded keywords and shaping how stakeholders perceive a brand across an entire search results page, including the knowledge panel, crowd sourced information, Wikipedia, and common profiles ranking. [Read more...]
We do not take on projects that aim to defame another brand or individual. We also don’t work on projects in which someone is trying to cover up behaviors intended to harm other people.
Yes, we’ve helped numerous foreign-language clients across 6 continents with geo-specific online reputation issues. Languages we’ve worked with include but are not limited to Russian, Spanish, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Hebrew, Turkish, etc.
Yes, Google personalizes search results in an attempt to deliver the best user experience possible. Location is one of Google’s key considerations when presenting search results. Our programs take into consideration the impact of location and takes advantage of various methods of location cueing.
There are specific instances in which Google will assist in the removal of sensitive personal information. Bank account numbers or an image of your handwritten signature are included in a list published by Google in their Search Help resource ( here for more details regarding legal removal of information online:
While there’s no way to guarantee a brand or executive will not experience a reputation crisis, steps can be taken to mitigate futures risks and control the impact that negative content may have in the future. Our IMPACT™ technology provides insight into the way search results should appear for companies in a given industry. This helps uncover opportunities to promote the most appropriate pieces of positive content, instead of focusing solely on suppressing negative content.
As social has become less trusted (fake news, bots, ads) people are returning to search to find authentic and accurate information. Even though social has become more popular with brands and their stakeholders, there is no more reliable and frequently used method than search to discover information about a brand, corporation, or individual. Searchers are your most interested stakeholders who want to find out more about you as compared to passive stakeholders who happen to see your ad or social post.


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