IMPACT is our proprietary tracking and analytics platform. It tracks individuals, brands, and issues (keywords) over time, as compared to peers, and across geographies and languages. This provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights that are critical to understanding and influencing digital reputation for our clients. 

IMPACT helps individuals and corporations understand not just how their brand is experienced online (by tracking Google and Bing, in addition to support for Baidu and SO360 search engines in China), but why. For example, it can help identify the specific underlying reasons that a particular article seems unmovable. With this knowledge, we can help devise a strategy that will either weaken the negative content or improve alternate, positive content or platforms to replace it.



In a typical client program, we track search results for 10-50 keywords daily, often across multiple locations. In most cases, we also track peers/competitors so that we can gain insight from real-time comparisons. 

We ensure that stakeholders searching in various languages and locations see the desired information about a brand, whether it’s Wikipedia, company’s owned assets (website, social media), earned media, or other results.

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