Managing Your Online Reputation – Where Do You Start?

Sam Michelson, Sept 12, 2016


The most critical part of managing your brand’s online reputation is having a plan. This may sound obvious, but most Fortune 100 companies and top executives who we meet have no plan for their online reputation; this is regardless of whether they are in a crisis or not.

What do I mean by a plan?

Think of an online reputation crisis as you would a gopher hole that has appeared in your front garden. Companies reach out to Five Blocks to fill in that hole and to plant some new flowers where the hole once was. That’s not what I mean by a plan; rather, that’s a reaction to a problem.

Planning your online reputation means planning the garden from start-to-finish. Some of the questions you should ask yourself when planning the online presence for your brand or key executives include:

  1.  Which key stakeholders will see your online presence? (media/reporters, regulatory bodies, prospective clients/partners, your own employees, etc.)
  2.  What impression do you want to make on them? (messaging, what do other people think about you and more)
  3.  How are your key peers and/or competitors seen online? (Do they have multiple sites, images, Wikipedia, video, social media presence, in-depth articles, ads, reviews etc.?)
  4.  What do your competitors have that could be opportunities for you?
  5.  Do you have sufficient content on owned sites, third-party articles, social media, and crowd-sourced sites like Wikipedia and CrunchBase?
  6.  Is it easy for searchers to find accurate, timely, third-party content about your brand?
  7.  What are the important messages, articles and websites that should be seen; and which ones should not?
  8.  If there is negativity appearing in your online reputation, what are the underlying causes? (old story that has not been put to rest? nothing new to talk about? people talking about you rather than your ideas?)
  9.  What are the potential threats your reputation could face and how have you prepared for them?

This is a lot to process, but if you are not asking yourselves these questions then you are not properly planning the online reputation for your brand or individual needs.

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