Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Brand’s Digital Reputation


Most businesses and brands have come to realize that their online reputation is critical to their success. Stakeholders who search a brand quickly form opinions and decide whether to move forward – or perhaps move on (often to a competitor). So how do you get started? Where should you focus first?

The following five questions should help you understand where to put your initial focus.

1)       Are you looking at your online reputation through the eyes of your stakeholders?

When your stakeholders search your brand, they need to find a variety of accurate and updated results that give the searcher a clear picture of your company. Are searchers finding this type of information?

2)       How much of the online story follows your narrative?

When searchers look at your brand, are they seeing your messaging or is it dominated by possibly inaccurate media reports? Your online reputation as seen in search is an important forum for shaping the way your brand is seen.

3)       How prepared are you for an unfavorable news cycle?

Have you taken steps to strengthen the web properties that present your brand well? Are you confident that new articles will not overtake your brand’s reputation?

The more control you have, the less vulnerable you will be to the impact of negative news.

4)       Are you utilizing your best owned and earned media to bolster your online reputation?

Identifying existing content and working to promote it is an important step in both telling your story and in preventing other content from overtaking your brand.

5)       Are you looking at your peers and competitors to identify opportunities for improving digital reputation?

Looking at your peers can help you to enhance your own digital reputation. Oftentimes, your peers have identified ways to feature their own content; they are using new channels, utilizing specific types of content, and finding additional ways to promote content. Closely tracking these peers can help brands discover what works on an ongoing business.

These questions are a good first step to understanding where your brand stands in terms of digital reputation. Engage with us – contact me to discuss how we might be able to help!