New trends in Google search results are typically attributed to changes in Google’s algorithm. Search engines make frequent changes that affect search results; many of which are not known to most users. For example, over the past several months Google reintroduced the ‘Twitter box’ causing Twitter to feature prominently in search results for many brands […]


As we recently announced, Five Blocks has entered Australia through an exciting new partnership with Sydney-based Horizon Communication Group ! Last week I had the pleasure of addressing a group of communications professionals at an event that Horizon organized at the Sydney State Theater. At that event we discussed how brands can take better control […]


Most businesses and brands have come to realize that their online reputation is critical to their success. Stakeholders who search a brand quickly form opinions and decide whether to move forward – or perhaps move on (often to a competitor). So how do you get started? Where should you focus first? The following five questions […]


2016 Sohn Conference in Hong Kong

Yakir Hyman, June 6, 2016

Sam and I were thrilled to represent Five Blocks again as sponsors of the 2016 Sohn Conference in Hong Kong. From the quality of the speakers and press coverage to the smooth logistical execution, it was apparent that a dedicated team worked tirelessly to make the conference such a memorable event. While the content and […]


Executive Summary: Wikipedia is ubiquitous, but often sparse in content. Social media is all but missing in the digital reputation landscape. HSI companies are not engaging their stakeholders online outside of their own websites. Five Blocks Inc., a NY-based digital reputation management company, released its 2016 Hang Seng Corporate Digital Reputation Study results, revealing the […]

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