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Our real estate development project in Manhattan was facing some serious resistance from neighboring developments and they took their battle online. We hired Five Blocks to help promote our project’s benefits to the community by promoting relevant and authoritative content which was successful in putting our best digital foot forward online.

NY real estate developer for $250 million residential project

Five Blocks helps our team align our digital strategy, social marketing, media outreach and recruiting efforts to ensure that the most relevant content is discoverable. They continue to be an essential part of our global marketing mix.

VP of branding for a leading US based investment bank

Our firm has been working on an ‘SEO issue’ since 2003... Since our contract with Five Blocks, I believe we have finally got control of our online reputation.

VP Communications, Financial Services company with more than $2 billion market capitalization

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Five Blocks partners with PR agencies, law firms, and competitive intelligence companies to help clients solve digital reputation challenges.

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