Five Blocks Listed as One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Five Blocks, Inc., a technology and digital consulting company focused on Digital Reputation Management and Brand Management, today announced it has been ranked in the top 60th percentile in the 33rd annual Inc. 500|5000. This is an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. With a three-year sales growth of 110% from 2010 to […]

What ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Means For PR Agency Clients

What is the “Right to be Forgotten” ruling? Back in May 2014, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the highest court in the European Union, issued a ruling upholding a law which has since been labeled the “Right to be Forgotten” (RTBF). The RTBF ruling allows EU citizens to request links [search results] that show up in their personal search results […]

Hedge Funds, Google, and the “Right to be Forgotten”

Weighing the risks and rewards of using the “Right to be Forgotten” (RTBF) ruling for hedge fund managers. As many readers may already be aware, the EU’s Court of Justice (EUCJ) has recently issued a ruling on the right to be forgotten that allows for private EU citizens to request certain links (search results) be taken down if they meet […]

The Missing ‘Link’ for Digital Reputation of Hedge Funds

Manage your online reputation or the world will manage it for you. There was a time when protecting your reputation online was one item on a list of priorities for a hedge fund’s management team, usually near the bottom. When considering a hedge fund’s costs and shifting priorities, repairing or improving their online image tended […]

Facebook’s Flawed News Feed Bumping & The Rebirth Of Bad Content

What Facebook is trying to achieve is actually not a bad thing. I miss content all the time. It happens. So if that piece is popular among my friends, then, truth be told, I do probably want to see it. That being said, story bumping in its current form is majorly flawed. Why? read more

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