Five Blocks Launches WikiAlerts



NY, NY, June 26, 2018 – Five Blocks, a leading digital reputation management firm, announced today the beta launch of WikiAlerts – the ‘Google Alerts’ for tracking Wikipedia edits, traffic and trends.

WikiAlerts allows individuals and businesses to get real-time email alerts when the Wikipedia pages they track are edited. As online reputation management becomes increasingly important for companies, Wikipedia has emerged as a valuable resource for searchers and brands alike. WikiAlerts allows users to monitor activity, including vandalism and other edits, to tracked pages. It also enables users to easily navigate the often-confusing history of any Wikipedia page.

As Five Blocks’ CEO, Sam Michelson, explains, “It has never been easier to monitor your Wikipedia page than it is with WikiAlerts. WikiAlerts will transform the way that individuals and organizations follow the conversation about their vital Wikipedia reputation.”

As Julie Waldman, the WikiAlerts product manager said, “We knew WikiAlerts was ready for showtime when our entire content and account management teams began using it for all of their tracking. We see Alerts being adopted by brand managers, CCOs and PR managers as an indispensable tool for tracking Wikipedia.”

About Five Blocks
Five Blocks is a digital consulting and technology firm focused on reputation management. Five Blocks offers proprietary technology solutions and personalized, confidential advisory services to corporations and high-profile individuals who want to build, promote, and defend their reputations. As experts at digital search with over a decade of experience adapting to its ever-evolving parameters, rules, and best practices, Five Blocks includes analysts, technology developers, researchers and advisors. Headquartered in New York City with a development team in Israel, Five Blocks works with clients around the globe.


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