Catching Up on Hedge Fund Indifference to Search and Social Media

“From our analysis [of the top 100 hedge funds], hedge funds continue to neglect the value of engaging with and controlling their presence on the web and via basic social media channels,” said Goldman. “Firms that assert even the most basic search and social strategy are poised to reap outsize rewards from a younger generation of clients in […]

Each of These People Has a Flawless Online Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Obviously, a big part of what we do at Five Blocks is research. To that end, we recently conducted a study of the wealthiest One-Percenters to see what could be learned from their digital footprints. Five Blocks’ research spans topics like Wikipedia page presences, digital karma, and social media savvy for the people listed. This […]

What Signals From Twitter Does Google Care About?

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter struck a deal which once again gave Google access to Twitter’s data stream. Columnist Miriam Hirschman explores how this might play out. Ever since news of the Google-Twitter deal broke in early February 2015, there has essentially been radio silence. We know that the deal gives the search giant access […]

Has Google Gone Too Far with the Bias Toward Its Own Content?

Since the beginning of SEO time, practitioners have been trying to crack the Google algorithm. Every once in a while, the industry gets a glimpse into how the search giant works and we have an opportunity to deconstruct it. We don’t get many of these opportunities, but when we do — assuming we spot them […]

Should PR People Pay More Attention To Glassdoor?

‘Get Hired, Love Your Job’ proclaims the tagline of Glassdoor, yet a review of the site’s infamous anonymous reviews section suggests it might be more popular with people who actually hate their jobs. This may be one reason why PR firms often overlook Glassdoor in favor of other careers sites, notably LinkedIn. New research from […]

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