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“It’s shocking that third party, user generated content websites (like Glassdoor) populate at least as much, or more, ‘real estate’ in the search results as the company’s own web assets. It’s true that every company will have disgruntled employees from time to time. What’s new is that never before have these critical voices and personal […]


The Holmes Report partnered with Five Blocks to analyze the social media footprint of the Influence 100. By a large margin, LinkedIn is the most popular network for this group. Twitter shows solid usage as well. Facebook presence, on the other hand, is significantly lower. YouTube came in at last place. Interestingly enough, 15% of […]


“Early in 2015 Twitter and Google struck a deal, and as a result you’re likely to see more tweets showing up in Google search results. Exactly how this will play out and how it will impact SEO remains to be seen.” Miriam Hirschman explores the possibilities in a post at Search Engine Land. “What isn’t in […]


“From our analysis [of the top 100 hedge funds], hedge funds continue to neglect the value of engaging with and controlling their presence on the web and via basic social media channels,” said Goldman. “Firms that assert even the most basic search and social strategy are poised to reap outsize rewards from a younger generation of clients in […]


Obviously, a big part of what we do at Five Blocks is research. To that end, we recently conducted a study of the wealthiest One-Percenters to see what could be learned from their digital footprints. Five Blocks’ research spans topics like Wikipedia page presences, digital karma, and social media savvy for the people listed. This […]

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