Just the Facts: The rise of auto-generated profile sites, and what that means about the direction of search

People like to do quick, basic research before engaging in business. As the go-to place for that research, Google’s page 1 has become a kind of dossier about people and brands.  This is why the Knowledge Panel (the summary info that typically appears on the top right part of the Google search results page) has […]

People Also Ask: How Brands Can Leverage Google’s Q&A

Google has learned that the”People also ask” (PAA) box format works well to satisfy queries. Google’s goal in PAA and other features is to make page 1 of search so comprehensive that searchers increasingly find their answers right there without having to click to another page. We drilled down into our data to best advise […]

The Wikipedia Index: The Edits that Matter

We’ve noted before how important a Wikipedia page is:  98% of Fortune 500 companies have their Wikipedia page ranking in their first page of Google results. Previously (here and here), we examined the sheer volume of edits made to Fortune 500 companies’ Wikipedia pages.  But what is the nature of these edits?  What kinds of […]

So, what happens when they Google you?

What searchers think about a CEO’s search results   As an Intelligent Digital Reputation Management company, we are constantly doing research to understand how Google presents brands and executives in search. We also research how searchers utilize search engines to make decisions.  In August, we asked 672 US adults about their likelihood of doing business […]

The Wikipedia Index: Edits to the Fortune 500

Wikipedia editors worldwide make 1 million edits every week. How many of these are edits to pages of major companies? Does it vary by industry? We found out for you:     There’s no doubt about it: Monitoring changes to corporate or executive Wikipedia pages is an essential component of reputation management.

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