The Upshot of In-Depth Articles

Earlier this month, over July 2nd and 3rd, Google injected its in-depth article feature with a little shot of pep, as we saw an uptick in the number of search terms showing in depth articles.


Most of the terms in these four groups are famous individuals (rather than companies), spanning different industries and interests. Indeed, these are the people about whom we expect to see deep journalistic coverage.

What’s interesting is that despite many of these articles being a “fresh addition” to the search results, they aren’t actually new. Many are a year or two old with some even older than that.

Google’s in-depth article feature on the search page is effectively breathing new life into this content. I’m not sure how many searchers are still interested in reading an article from 2006 about the 2008 US Presidential election. Nonetheless, Google is giving them prominence in first page search results.

As digital reputation consultants, we have been closely following the news and aftermath of the recent European Court of Justice ruling regarding the right to be forgotten. It was just on June 26 that Google began taking down links to certain web content in implementation of that ruling. Although this advancement of the in-depth article feature took place exactly a week later, it’s probably unrelated. Nevertheless, we feel Google’s invigoration of these articles makes clear that it’s not willing to let anyone forget too fast.