Which SEO’s Does Google Search Suggest Love Best? And Why?

Searching for Jill Whalen’s recent article about Rel=Author, I typed her name into Google and discovered that Google likes her! They really like her! They even have her photo in the Search Suggest box.

Of course, now I wanted to know whether Jill and Google were going steady … was she Google’s special someone? Or was Google playing the field, keeping their options open? Was Google (gasp!) seeing other people?

You already know the answer.

Yep, they’re fickle. I searched for some other SEOs, people I’d seen at SMX Israel just a couple of days ago; lo and behold, Google’s giving them special treatment too. Sorry Jill, just like we always knew … you can’t trust Google to stay faithful.

I’m not the first to notice pictures showing up in the Google Suggest box  … Danny Sullivan wrote about Britney Spear’s results last week.

However, now I’m curious why some well-known people in search marketing get their picture as a Search Suggest and some don’t.

Barry Schwartz does.

barry schwartz

But Olivier Amar doesn’t.

Olivier Amar

Charlie Kalech does.

Charlie Kalech

But Branko Rihtman doesn’t.

Branko Rihtman

Sam Michelson does.

Sam Michelson

Miriam Schwab doesn’t.

Miriam Schwab

Dixon Jones does.

Dixon Jones

Marty Weintraub doesn’t.

Marty Weintraub

Michael King does (but Google thinks he’s someone else, so he doesn’t).

Michael King

My first thought was that you only get a picture if you have a Google+ page. But Miriam Schwab has a page, and so do Marty Weintraub and Branko Rihtman … yet Google’s showing them no love in the Search Suggest box. Any idea why that is?

How about you? Are you basking in Google-love when you type your name in the box?

Oh, me? Funny you should ask.

I’m not.

Andy Levy-Stevenson