Superweek 2015

Superweek 2015 banner

I just got back from hosting and presenting at the amazing Superweek conference in Hungary. The experience was extraordinary and the content was absolutely top-notch. Having attended a number of conferences in the past, I can say with confidence what a rare experience it is to have such an incredible number of talented and knowledgeable speakers together at one gathering. (Note: I do not count my presentation among this unique group; I’ll leave that for others to decide.)

I found the discussions insightful, and there were plenty of concrete takeaways applicable immediately. This is an event that I would highly recommend to any serious online analyst and/or marketer. Truly it is time and resources well spent.

Most of the video footage from the conference is currently being edited, shortly to be available online. We will post it here when it becomes available. While the conference is still fresh in my mind, I would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the highlights that particularly stood out for me:

  1. Testing – By far the most important and underused aspect of analytics discussed at the conference was the element of testing.
  2. Throughout the conference, testing and measurement were emphasized for every aspect of an online presence. Conversions, navigation paths, time spent on-site and much more should all be tracked and evaluated on a regular basis. The benefits realized from these practices were staggering. It was clear that with the constant development of convenient and easy to use tag management systems, the tools needed to achieve a high degree of understanding of an online presence  has never been better.
  3. Mobile growth and impact – The mobile online revolution has truly arrived. As the number of mobile users continues to skyrocket, it is more crucial than ever that every one of our web properties be optimized for the mobile experience. Responsive website designs that cater to multiple devices have become the norm.  Combining the global accessibility of these sites with the latest analytics features allows us to track each individual device separately. Publishers now have the power to fully monitor all of their online properties and accurately measure and evaluate each and every visitor. Also amazing is how simple these tools are for users to implement and to gain benefit.
  4. Tools of the trade – There are fantastic methods of testing and measuring out there. Even for those whose sites may be overwhelmed with a vast rearrangement, there are many tools available. There are tools for prioritization that will help you evaluate websites on a section by section basis; there are tools that will algorithmically make judgments about which pages should be tested and when, which testing will bring you the most return on your investment, which parts of pages are actually providing the conversions and more. Testing and tracking is now available and accessible to anyone. With just some rudimentary technical knowledge, these tools can be utilized by any online business to dramatically increase profits.
  5. As I already asserted above, there certainly was no shortage of talented and knowledgeable speakers. However, one that really resonated and stood out for me was Peter O’Neill of L3 Analytics. His presentation was entitled Breaking down the Barriers to the Use of Digital Analytics. He provided a fantastic and easy to apply, step-by-step guide to correctly implementing analytics and identifying each individual’s objectives while achieving maximum benefit. Peter’s session is truly a must-read.

These are just a few of the burning points that stood out for me as the conference was wrapping up and the effect of the conference was washing over me. I am very excited to pour over – and share – the information and footage of the conference as it becomes available.  I hope to relive many of the moments and to get serious about implementing all of the incredible ideas that were shared.