Five Blocks Launches Exclusive Partnership with Horizon Communication Group in Australia

Horizon-Logo-600Five Blocks Inc., a technology and digital consulting company, today launched an exclusive partnership with Australian integrated communications consultancy Horizon Communication Group (Horizon). The agreement with Horizon allows Five Blocks to bring search intelligence and strategy to the reputation management needs of individuals and companies in Australia.

As one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States, Five Blocks brings a partnership model to Australia that has already served the company well in the United States. Five Blocks uses its technology and know-how to help companies more effectively optimize their corporate messages through a variety of online platforms. The result is far greater control of online presence. Now, with the Five Blocks-Horizon partnership, these services will be available in Australia for the first time.

Explaining his company’s decision to enter the Australian market with this partnership, company CEO Sam Michelson said,

“Five Blocks has already established long-lasting and successful partnerships in the United States and the UK. We are thrilled with the decision to take this successful model to Australia and to have the opportunity to bring our enhanced reputation management skills into a new and growing market through our relationship with Horizon. The default position of many large Australian corporations is to focus on advertising and paid media to manage their online reputations. We aim to greatly enhance this approach by offering them a combination of technology, SEO, PR and integrated communications skills to help with crisis and reputation management. Horizon is the perfect fit for us to begin this journey.”

Explaining the importance of the partnership to Horizon, CEO Justin Flaherty said,

“Horizon is proud to be the exclusive partner of Five Blocks in Australia. With our partnership, Horizon will offer solutions that go much further than tactical responses to issues and crises. We will now be able to offer Australian businesses and individuals greater influence at the frontlines of online reputation management through expanded services in search and digital platforms.”

Through the exclusive partnership, Horizon will introduce its current and prospective clients to Five Blocks’ services. This will allow Australian companies to take control of their online reputations and to have a greater ability to determine their online brand presence and message. With the Five Blocks proven strategic approach called “search results branding,” companies in Australia will better understand how their brand is experienced online and will have a way to influence that experience to their advantage.

For more information about Five Blocks, call Aaron Friedman, Director of Innovation at Five Blocks Inc. at 1-847-877-8517 or visit the website at

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