Wikipedia: True or False?

Wikipedia likes to assert that all information included in an article is put up by voluntary, neutral editors who use sufficient secondary sources to back up statements. There is vigilant enforcement. Still, many thousands of people ask Google each day: How reliable is Wikipedia? Is the information on Wikipedia true?   The short answer is: Yes! […]

Click Through Redux

Click Through Redux

September 13, 2020

What information do your stakeholders learn on the search page before ever clicking through to your site? Recently, Sistrix, a digital marketing software company, published an in-depth study to better understand click through rates, or “CTR”, in Google search. (This is the percentage of people seeing a link who click it.) They analyzed over 80 […]

Just the Facts: The rise of auto-generated profile sites, and what that means about the direction of search

People like to do quick, basic research before engaging in business. As the go-to place for that research, Google’s page 1 has become a kind of dossier about people and brands.  This is why the Knowledge Panel (the summary info that typically appears on the top right part of the Google search results page) has […]

People Also Ask: How Brands Can Leverage Google’s Q&A

Google has learned that the”People also ask” (PAA) box format works well to satisfy queries. Google’s goal in PAA and other features is to make page 1 of search so comprehensive that searchers increasingly find their answers right there without having to click to another page. We drilled down into our data to best advise […]

Your Wikipedia Article Is Up For Deletion. What Do You Do?

Your company or your CEO has a Wikipedia article. Suddenly, you notice a tag on the top of the article screaming that the article is about to be deleted. What happened? Why is the article being deleted? Will it actually be deleted? And what, if anything, can you do about it?       Why […]

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