Your Wikipedia Article Is Up For Deletion. What Do You Do?

Your company or your CEO has a Wikipedia article. Suddenly, you notice a tag on the top of the article screaming that the article is about to be deleted. What happened? Why is the article being deleted? Will it actually be deleted? And what, if anything, can you do about it?       Why […]

The Day LinkedIn Disappeared from Google

On May 6th, overnight, about 273,000,000 LinkedIn results disappeared from Google search results. We noticed it first, or rather – our technology did. The below screenshot from our IMPACT analytics platform shows that LinkedIn typically appears on page 1 for “IBM,” but on May 6th — it disappeared completely.   It was the same for […]

When Google Must Not Get the Answer Wrong

You have probably noticed that Google has been steadily elevating the prominence of the “question and answer format” for some time. Google first introduced the People also ask box in 2015. For a while, it was a low-profile feature, often appearing midway or lower down the first page. As with virtually all new features, Google […]

Presidents’ Day: Google’s Complicated Relationship with Alexander Hamilton

We think you will agree that the best US president to focus on this Presidents’ Day 2020 is Alexander Hamilton. You know who we mean: “The ten-dollar founding father without a father,” as he is called in Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical, Hamilton. Except for one small detail. Hamilton was never president. Nope, not even a […]

Wikipedia’s 2019 Trends: Entertain us, and maybe we’ll learn something

  Wikipedia recently released its Most Viewed Articles for 2019. The report is an interesting window into what’s on people’s minds. It comes as no surprise that death comes in at #2 (deaths in 2019 was a page viewed by nearly 40 million people). Number one?  The Avengers movie page.  English-language researchers are not all […]

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