Brief description of role: Working with Account Managers to support their work on reputation management projects. Providing research, reporting, writing, and management support that allows Account Managers to broaden and deepen their client interactions. Job description: Responsible for supporting the work of Five Blocks Account Managers as they help our clients take control of their […]

Our Account Managers begin their careers at Five Blocks by working with and providing support to the Senior Account Manager in their client interfaces. They review and analyze search results, recommend on-page and off-page changes that would help in digital branding, work with the writers to create content, create profiles and a social media presence, etc. By […]

With an expanding client base, Five Blocks is always looking for the right individuals to fill Senior Account Manager roles. Our Senior Account Managers are the critical interfaces with our client base. They manage the client programs which includes reviewing and analyzing search results, considering on-page and off-page recommendations that would help in digital branding, oversee content creation, creating profiles and a social media presence, etc. In […]

As the Five Blocks mission has evolved, the Five Blocks technology that supports the mission has grown in complexity and capabilities over the years. From a beginning, focusing on basic in-house technologies for managing and supporting account manager tasks, our tech team has moved on to creating a sophisticated system of data collection and analysis. […]

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