If the President and Vice President of the United States were to resign, the next in line is the speaker of the house. But I wasn’t sure who that was. So I Googled it.   So here Google got it wrong because rather than sourcing the information in a database, they are parsing natural text […]


Google’s New Feature Lets Businesses Double Dip

Miriam Hirschman, July 25, 2017

It’s summer and as I sit at my desk, my thoughts turn to ice cream. Double dipped ice cream, to be specific. For the last couple of years, Google’s been showing recent activity on Twitter for relevant searches. This is a gift to businesses which certainly understand the value of having their own voice on […]


Google was recently fined $2.7 billion – the largest fine in EU antitrust history – for unfairly favoring its shopping service. The EU’s concern, and that of Google’s competitors, is that Google has the ability to influence important and everyday decisions using technology and algorithms no one has completely deciphered. But is Google actually biased? […]


  The distinction between Online Reputation Management and SEO is often blurred, because they both utilize some of the same search engine optimization principles and tools, each  for their own distinct purposes. The main differences between SEO and ORM are that SEO focuses on promoting a specific website within search results and increasing targeted traffic, […]


Kenneth Frazier is in the news for quitting Trump’s Business Council – and that has led to millions of searches on Google. This happens every time an executive is in the news. At Five Blocks we help brands and executives manage their online reputation. We pay especially close attention to Google’s “Search Suggest” – the […]

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