Is Google Judging You Based on a Template?

Aaron Friedman, January 21 2016

We all judge people on first impressions. It’s certainly not fair, but it’s human nature. When we see someone for the first time, we’re quick to decide what type of person they are. Believe it or not, Google judges too. Supported by our internal research, Aaron Friedman presents the data on Moz. Google pre-classifies every single search term into […]


Wikidata Meets the Google Knowledge Graph

Noam Shapiro, April 28 2015

Five Blocks’ Noam Shapiro, discusses the connections between WIkidata and the Knowledge Graph. Read more at Search Engine Journal.


What Signals From Twitter Does Google Care About?

Miriam Hirschman, April 23 2015

How might Google use data from Twitter, and what impact would that have on the search results? Miriam Hirschman discusses it on Search Engine Land.


Aaron Friedman talks about Google’s favoritism towards its own content. Read more on MOZ.


On multiple occasions, (here, here, here, and here) we have covered the inclusion of In-depth articles in search results. On March 26th, 2015, when we looked across nearly 6,000 terms we are tracking, we noticed a sudden decline in the amount of in-depth articles appearing in search results. In the graph below, you can see […]

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