Your Wikipedia Article Is Up For Deletion. What Do You Do?

Your company or your CEO has a Wikipedia article. Suddenly, you notice a tag on the top of the article screaming that the article is about to be deleted. What happened? Why is the article being deleted? Will it actually be deleted? And what, if anything, can you do about it?       Why […]

Wikipedia’s 2019 Trends: Entertain us, and maybe we’ll learn something

  Wikipedia recently released its Most Viewed Articles for 2019. The report is an interesting window into what’s on people’s minds. It comes as no surprise that death comes in at #2 (deaths in 2019 was a page viewed by nearly 40 million people). Number one?  The Avengers movie page.  English-language researchers are not all […]

Let’s Talk About It: How Wikipedians Resolve Their Problems

Wikipedia’s “Talk pages” are a vital resource, not just for Wikipedia editors, but for anyone who wants to understand human interaction among strangers who share a common goal.   Wikipedia users know that the crowd-sourced, online encyclopedia is the product of the collaboration of thousands of editors. What most readers probably don’t realize is that […]

The Wikipedia Index: The Edits that Matter

We’ve noted before how important a Wikipedia page is:  98% of Fortune 500 companies have their Wikipedia page ranking in their first page of Google results. Previously (here and here), we examined the sheer volume of edits made to Fortune 500 companies’ Wikipedia pages.  But what is the nature of these edits?  What kinds of […]

Trash Talk in the Edit Field: The Vandalism Wars

For real sports fan trolling, center court is Wikipedia.  Sporting events in the 21st century are played both on and off the field. As highly paid athletes compete for fame and glory on televised fields and courts the world-over, an alternate set of teams compete in the shadows.   Fighting it out across cyberspace, on social […]

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