• IMPACT<sup>™</sup>


    IMPACT™ is our proprietary tracking and analytics platform. It tracks individuals, brands, and issues (keywords) over time, as compared to peers, and across geographies and languages. This provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights that are critical to understanding and influencing digital reputation for our ...

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  • Data Intelligence

    Data Intelligence

    We have spent more than ten years tracking and analyzing hundreds of millions of data points and developing unique tools to inform strategies and recommendations for clients. Our focus on data collection and analysis allows us to provide solutions to ...

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  • GeoSearch™: Search Google as if you were somewhere else.

    GeoSearch™: Search Google as if you were somewhere else.

    A local search emulator solves a real problem that many Google users don’t even know they have. That’s why we created GeoSearch. Google results will often vary depending on where the searcher is located. Search engines are designed to provide the most ...

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  • WikiAlerts<sup>™</sup>: Wikipedia Tracking

    WikiAlerts: Wikipedia Tracking

    The WikiAlerts™ application ensures that companies and individuals are the first to know when their Wikipedia pages are edited. Wikialerts also allows users to quickly revert vandalism to Wikipedia in near real-time.  Monitoring changes to corporate or executive Wikipedia pages ...

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