The Missing ‘Link’ for Digital Reputation of Hedge Funds

Manage your online reputation or the world will manage it for you. There was a time when protecting your reputation online was one item on a list of priorities for a hedge fund’s management team, usually near the bottom. When considering a hedge fund’s costs and shifting priorities, repairing or improving their online image tended […]

Situation: In business, sometimes the leadership of a company is unfairly targeted by disgruntled former employees. Several employees of a large corporation were justifiably terminated. The former employees used activist websites and forums to paint the CEO as greedy and unlawful. Though the terminated workers lost their court case against the corporation for unlawful termination, damage […]

How Google’s ‘In-Depth Articles’ Feature Could Change PR

“To understand the implications of In-Depth Articles, we looked at consumer-facing brands within the Fortune 500 and uncovered some interesting statistics. Wikipedia ranks on the first page of results for 96.2 percent of these companies, while Twitter appears for only 22 percent of the group and Facebook ranks on the first page for only 16 […]

How Google’s ‘In-Depth Articles’ Feature Could Affect PR

Google recently introduced a new feature on some of its search pages that spells big changes in the way companies manage their online reputations and public relations strategies.  The feature, which Google calls “In-Depth Articles,” offers up links to a set of three long-form articles, usually at the bottom of the search results page. The […]

Situation: When investing with a hedge fund, investors want to know and trust the name behind the firm. The managing partner of a leading hedge fund – the face of the company in the press – left the firm for a political appointment. The hedge fund was left with a new managing partner who had […]

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