Should PR People Pay More Attention To Glassdoor?

‘Get Hired, Love Your Job’ proclaims the tagline of Glassdoor, yet a review of the site’s infamous anonymous reviews section suggests it might be more popular with people who actually hate their jobs.

This may be one reason why PR firms often overlook Glassdoor in favor of other careers sites, notably LinkedIn. New research from digital firm Five Blocks, conducted exclusively for the Holmes Report, suggests they are wrong to do so. ​Read More

Five Blocks Listed as One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

Five Blocks, Inc., a technology and digital consulting company focused on Digital Reputation Management and Brand Management, today announced it has been ranked in the top 60th percentile in the 33rd annual Inc. 500|5000. This is an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

With a three-year sales growth of 110% from 2010 to 2013, Five Blocks also increased staff by 50%, adding significant technology and research resources as well as expanding the firms client and partner service management team. Read More

What ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Means For PR Agency Clients

What is the “Right to be Forgotten” ruling?

Back in May 2014, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the highest court in the European Union, issued a ruling upholding a law which has since been labeled the “Right to be Forgotten” (RTBF). The RTBF ruling allows EU citizens to request links [search results] that show up in their personal search results to be removed by Google and other applicable search engines. Read more

Hedge Funds, Google, and the “Right to be Forgotten”

Weighing the risks and rewards of using the “Right to be Forgotten” (RTBF) ruling for hedge fund managers.

As many readers may already be aware, the EU’s Court of Justice (EUCJ) has recently issued a ruling on the right to be forgotten that allows for private EU citizens to request certain links (search results) be taken down if they meet the court’s criteria. As many as 70,000 – 80,000 requests have been submitted already and the story is constantly developing as Google and the media affected by the ruling have begun reacting to it. Read more

Right to be Forgotten

Right to be forgotten reportMany of our PR firm partners and existing clients have been asking us about the controversial “Right to be Forgotten” ruling passed by the European Court of Justice – the highest ranking court in the EU.  We’ve created a special Five Blocks report that is a distillation of hundreds of news articles and blogs on the subject.

The Five Blocks report is now available to the public on our website. We anticipate publishing at least two Five Blocks thought leadership articles on the subject in the coming days. As always, we welcome your feedback and updates on this constantly evolving story.

Click here to download the full report
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