Five Blocks IMPACT™

IMPACT is our proprietary tracking and analytics platform. It provides real-time monitoring and actionable insights that are critical to understanding and influencing digital reputation for our clients.

In a typical client program, we track search results for 10-50 keywords daily, often across multiple locations. In most cases, we also track peers/competitors so that we can gain insight from real-time comparisons. This tracking enables clients to pinpoint the keywords and locations that matter most, and track progress toward curating online results. Additionally IMPACT acts as a versatile reporting tool enabling clients to uncover underlying causes and successful tactics.

Our team uses IMPACT to track thousands of keywords – especially brands and executives in multiple locations worldwide. We leverage the data analysis to ascertain the tactics most likely to produce desired outcomes for our clients.





Five Blocks developed the IMPACT API to enable partners to integrate IMPACT data visualization into their own analytics dashboards. Imagineer, a provider of software solutions to many world-leading financial services firms, recently used the IMPACT API to add digital reputation management capabilities to their Webvision offering. This integration will put IMPACT on the desktops of hundreds of leading firms.

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