The world’s top global communication leaders will be in Washington, D.C. October 22nd – 24th for the 2018 Holmes Report Global PR Summit.  We are proud to attend this annual gathering to share our expertise about digital reputation management and to learn new strategies from the best in the business. This year, we are honored to host our […]


Curious to learn more about digital reputation management? Five Blocks will be in Chicago this week at the 2018 PR Week Conference.  The conference promises to be a master class for communications pros in the ever-evolving digital world. Come hear from the best in the business and be sure to catch our CEO, Sam Michelson, speaking on Thursday, […]


While you’re busy creating a carefully crafted image of your client or company, the majority of your stakeholders will form an opinion based on information available online, often drawing quick conclusions solely based on the top results of a Google search. This means that no matter how many news stories you earn or blog posts […]

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