Financial Sector Discoverability Case Study

Typical Discoverability Problem

Searching for X company or individual does not yield optimal results. In some cases, the brand may be difficult to find if there is another prominent entity with the same name. Alternatively, the search results may contain sparse or irrelevant content, due to the brand keeping a low profile.


Build and strengthen a sustainable online profile informed by the client’s goals.

Tactics typically include:

      • Analyze peers or competitors to ascertain typical online reputation for similar entities
      • Identify opportunities to launch and promote content
      • Focus on ownership of search properties – owned websites, profiles, social media
      • Identity existing relevant media content – look for promotion opportunities

Case Study Background:

A New York-based private equity fund we will call ‘Starr Greenwood Group’ is interested in raising a new fund. They are concerned that searchers are not able to easily find accurate information about them and their previous track record. This is further complicated by the fact that there is a fund in Australia with a nearly identical name. 

Like many similar entities, the firm has never focused on promoting itself and so has never built out more than a one-page website. They have not built business profile pages or established a corporate presence on any social media platform. Their current online reputation does not accurately reflect the brand.

Strategy & Tactics: 

After meeting with the client to understand their business needs, requirements, and sensitivities, Five Blocks conducted an in-depth peer analysis, comparing the firm to others with similar business goals. 

The analysis concluded that for this type of fund the key opportunities included: making the existing website more robust; seeking a Wikipedia presence; optimizing the Google Knowledge graph; as well as claiming profiles on sites such as Crunchbase and Glassdoor. Most importantly, an updated Bloomberg profile seemed to be the missing key.

Additionally, we identified an opportunity to work with the firm’s head of communications to get thought-leadership content published. We were able to recommend which publications were most likely to rank well for a company like theirs, and were then able to help optimize the content to appear prominently within the first page search results for the fund.


After 3-6 months: 

The firm’s online reputation was significantly optimized, ensuring that stakeholders (in this case, potential investors) could easily find their website, as well as relevant profiles and articles.