Google’s New Feature Lets Businesses Double Dip

It’s summer and as I sit at my desk, my thoughts turn to ice cream. Double dipped ice cream, to be specific. For the last couple of years, Google’s been showing recent activity on Twitter for relevant searches. This is a gift to businesses which certainly understand the value of having their own voice on the search page. A single scoop ice cream cone, if you will.

But now Google is giving them a double dip.

Google has recently opened their previously experimental “Posts” feature to all verified businesses in Google My Business. With this feature, businesses can insert their own brand voice into the knowledge panel, the information box on the top right of the Google search results page for their brand. Brands are forced to keep their posts fresh, with posts expiring after a week.

(Not an ice cream example, but chicken sandwiches are yummy too.)

The knowledge panel contains the basic information about the local business and the section below it is where new Google posts appear.

While naturally useful for smaller businesses with physical locations, larger businesses can take advantage of this feature too, by creating posts attached to their corporate headquarters. They can also choose to do posts for each of their physical office locations.  In either case, this is a great new platform to engage with stakeholders of all types.

Go ahead and double dip. Post complementary content on Twitter AND Google Posts. Tell your audience about your new flavors, invite them to download your app, or suggest they try your new service. Go ahead and do all three! Accept Google’s gift of more owned content. Let them hear YOUR brand’s voice, all right there, on the search page.