Goldman Sachs and Five Blocks Leaders to Discuss Digital Reputation Strategy at Holmes Report Global PR Summit in Washington, D.C. – Tuesday, October 23rd

October 16, 2018

The world’s top global communication leaders will be in Washington, D.C. October 22nd – 24th for the 2018 Holmes Report Global PR Summit.  We are proud to attend this annual gathering to share our expertise about digital reputation management and to learn new strategies from the best in the business. This year, we are honored to host our friend Kaydee Bridges, Vice President of Digital & Social Media Strategy at Goldman Sachs, for a conversation on the main stage on Tuesday, October 23rd at 3:45pm. Come to hear the insightful conversation about her work building one of the world’s most interesting and well-known brands. Goldman Sachs is both an incredibly influential financial institution and an icon within the financial services sector.

Join us as Five Block’s President, Howard Opinsky, talks with Kaydee about how Goldman Sachs works to build and protect its reputation worldwide. Learn about their innovative approach to crafting an integrated digital presence, creating engaging content, and leveraging search to promote their brand and executives.

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