Five Blocks Welcomes Adam Poliak as Newest Summer Intern

June 20, 2013

Five Blocks would like to take this opportunity to welcome to the company our newest summer intern, Adam Poliak.

Adam grew up in Hollywood, Florida, the youngest of three siblings. Both of Adam’s parents are physicians, while his brother now attends the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Adam’s sister just graduated from Barnard College, also in New York.

During Adam’s high school years, he was a counselor in his local chapter of Bnei Akiva, a Jewish youth movement which maintains a strong appreciation of Israel. It is not surprising then that after completing high school, Adam spent one year in Israel, studying at the Yeshiva in Gush Etzion. During his time in Yeshiva, he had the opportunity to meet and get to know Daniel Wolf, an alumnus himself and the Director of R&D at Five Blocks. Adam and Daniel quickly developed a rapport and discussed the possibility of having Adam return to Israel to intern at Five Blocks after he completed his freshman year at Hopkins.

The tentative plan blossomed into fruition this summer when Adam arrived at Five Blocks in early June. Adam is excited to be working with Daniel over the coming weeks. He hopes to learn more about the company and about Online Reputation Management while exploring options in Israel for a career in computer science. He would especially like to learn more about the interface of medicine with computer technology.

Daniel is equally excited about working with Adam this summer. They will be working together on the company’s internal management system, upgrading and changing the interface to make it a more efficient and user friendly tool for the company.

“I am looking forward to mentoring and guiding Adam through the stages of development in a more formal and thorough process,” says Daniel.

Once again, Five Blocks wishes Adam a great deal of success, not just during this summer of learning and opportunity, but throughout all his endeavors.

Daniel and Adam Hard at Work

Daniel and Adam Hard at Work

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