Five Blocks helps create and maintain a true, digital brand identity for clients using our industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We leverage the power of search to achieve quick and long-lasting benefits for your brand rather than trying to fool an algorithm with fake content or “black ops” that will ultimately fail and potentially leave you with reputational harm. We utilize your real content on real platforms to tell your audience real stories that make a powerful and lasting impact.


  • Your Brand’s Voice – We design holistic solutions that give our clients control over how their brand is seen online. We ensure their earned, owned, paid, social, and community content is visible in search. Every move is strategically planned – taking into consideration how it will impact the brand.
  • Data-Driven Strategies – With unique technology and measurable methods, we provide clients with a deep analysis in real-time. We utilize a proprietary cache of search page data to create in-depth peer comparisons, and to set a customized course of action. During the course of the program, clients see quantifiable impact, with necessary adjustments to ensure your strategy is working.
  • Organic and Creative – We continually look for new ways to enhance your digital brand. We ensure that high quality content is discoverable and that social profiles and community-sourced content are accurate and prioritized.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology –  We have developed technology based on years of experience. Custom-built technology provides our clients with unique insights and a competitive edge.
  • The Personal Touch –  We work collaboratively with internal teams and external partners – thinking, brainstorming, reporting, and shaping your brand strategy together. We report regularly and are on-call and available for consultations when our clients need us.