With a background in technology and marketing, Sam founded Five Blocks in 2003. The firm originally focused on paid and organic search optimization for law firms, mobile phones, real estate projects, and various B2B clients. In 2008, realizing that digital branding was critical to the success of companies as they moved online, the company shifted its focus to Digital Reputation Management. Today Sam manages the company’s vision and growth, providing strategic counsel for the growing number of international clients. Sam also spearheads the direction in which Five Blocks develops its technology.

Sam received a BA in Psychology from Yeshiva University (1992) and a Masters in Management from Boston University (1994). Sam is the inventor of two US patents, one in the area of self-tuning knowledge bases and text categorization, the other in interactive digital advertising.

Sam served as an organizational psychologist and management consultant in the Israel Defense Forces. Sam spends a significant amount of time traveling to meet clients and partners. He lives in Israel with his wife and eight children.


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