Digital Reputation Management Services

A corporate website is the second impression you make to stakeholders.
The first impression is the results they see when searching for you or your brand.

For brands and executives whose online presence doesn’t reflect their real identity. Important in preparation for a crisis or transition. Program consists of building a curated, content-rich experience for stakeholders who search for the brand or executive.

Brand Crisis Recovery
When a brand reputation crisis arises, the company’s communications team works on responses and messaging; Five Blocks ensures that the company’s voice, and the voices of other advocates, appears prominently online. Brands can survive a negative online news cycle that lasts days or even weeks; but for the long term, efforts need to be made to relegate the unfavorable news to page 2 or beyond.

Executive Crisis Recovery
A crisis effects not only companies and brands but also executives. During a crisis, negative news stories threaten to eclipse an executive’s lifetime accomplishments. Our mission is to ensure that the crisis news does not remain prominent. Working with the client, we shape an online profile that accentuates the client’s position and achievements while minimizing the impact of the negative news stories.

Issues Management
Searching Google on an issue of interest provides an overview of the various opinions on the issue. The first page of Google results is thus the most important place to ensure your position is represented. That positive article in the New York Times or an influential blog needs to be there. Wikipedia must present your point of view fairly or searchers may quickly discount your views – and there is no second chance for a first impression when it comes to issues.

Always-on Reputation Tracking, Positioning, and Management
Brand equity is difficult to measure, but for many companies it has become more valuable than physical or capital equity. Corporations have teams and processes in place to proactively track and protect their physical assets, corporate secrets, and network security; now many are starting to do so for their reputation. Five Blocks provides tailor-made reputation monitoring and management for company brands and key executives around the globe and in many languages. We focus on everything from image optimization to Wikipedia tracking.


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